Monday, 16 April 2012

tutorial:how to resize your pictures

Assalamualaikum..Peace Be Upon You :) ha, i will teach u how to resize your pictures...easy and simple need any converter or what so ever..why you have to resize your pictures??

*when you upload your pictures on facebook, twitter or any other social networking it will get faster than usual.
*to not let people annoying when he/she want to stalker at your photo album.heh
*when you want to send picture message using your mobile phone,it will receive faster to the receiver..

p/s: make sure you are using Windows 7

let's try:

1.choose one picture

2.right-click on your mouse. choose 'Open With'

3.Open with 'Microsoft Office Picture Manager'

5. it will appear like this

6 . select 'Picture' tab on the top of your left

7. select 'Compress'

8. on your right side, choose to compress the picture to 'Document'.Then,click 'OK' at the bottom.

9. to compress another picture,just press right command button on your keyboard until you finish compress it.
  after finish,just click 'close', the 'Save' box command will appear.make sure you save all the pictures that you have compressed.If the 'save' box command appear in many times,just click save.remember,just click 'SAVE'

10. Finish! wink ^_^

p/s: this is maybe a simple and an old tutorial..i'm just sharing what i know..thanks for reading \(^^)/

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